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If this day finds you wandering to the autism portion of my webpage-then I fear not all is well with you. Take courage, whether you've been battling the disease fifteen years or fifteen minutes...There IS hope.

If you have not read of biological interventions for autism, please see my links page to start your education. I have been a practicing Occupational Therapist for fourteen years and have seen some amazing recoveries. Yes, recoveries.

My own son is afflicted with the disorder, but through biological interventions has made tremendous progress.

My email is always open, and I have a free list-serv. I lecture frequently-so check my events list as well.

As Dr. Buttar said (paraphrasing):
We are treating an illness without a cause, or cure.....but no longer.

God Speed in your journey to happier times.

Ronna Hochbein, OTR/L



Ronna served as an autism consultant to Jodi Picoult for the book House Rules.

Ronna will be presenting a review of the most updated DaN conference (from Cherry Hill New Jersey) on Friday, May the 2nd at 7 p.m. at the aboard office in Pittsburgh. Contact for details.

Ronna will be lecturing to the Crawford County autism group on June the 14th. Contact for details.


Reviews for Ronna's book, Come What May...

"Excellent guide for those with a new autism diagnosis as well as those already in treatment. Combines therapy and biomedical interventions in a very easy to comprehend way. Plenty of good references and suggested reading for deeper understanding of many issues. There are good, practical suggestions for managing many common autistic behaviors, which of course, would make life much easier for parents dealing with these issues."

Ann Brasher, grandmother/advocate/autism group moderator/
NAA Board Member


"Since I have no prior knowledge or experience with the topic of autism, Hochbien’s book, Come What May, was both enlightening and concerning. It made me aware that Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified, can happen to a child who has been normal in every way. Such was the case of her own son, who was two years old when he came down with an illness caused by either a virus or bacteria, it is unknown which, and that lasted for one week. It was after this illness that Hochbein says, “he left us.” Ronna Hochbien’s medical background and prior experience as an Occupational Therapist was a definite asset that enabled her to delve further into her son’s condition and go beyond the traditional medical system to produce this helpful resource book. Come What May is loaded with invaluable resources and treatment suggestions, both traditional and non-traditional. It covers specific medical tests, therapies, websites, on-line groups, books, organizations, studies and statistics. The book also provides a Case Study in the final chapter. She discusses the controversy surrounding the autism and the vaccine/thimersol issue, and she presents diet related treatments such as the gluten and casein free/specific carbohydrate diet by Elaine Gottschal. Come What May is an invaluable tool that every parent with a child with autism should have at their disposal."

Cindy DeJager from BookReviews411




Come What May also has a free email companion information list. Just email the author to join for all the latest in the Autism Research and Info.

Autism Links...

Autism Research Institute

A-Champ- Coalition of Autism Organizations

Safe Minds (Sensible Action for Ending Mercury-Induced Disorders)

Generation Rescue

Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs

Autism One Radio

TACA (Talk About Curing Autism)

Ronna works in Early Intervention (0-3) a state funded program. If you are interested in OT for your child and reside in Allegheny or Westmoreland County in Pennsylvania, you may request her through the following agencies. Her caseload is often full, but inquiries are welcome.

Westmoreland County

c/o Debi McKeever


Therapy House 
Outpatient Pediatrics
Specializing in Sensory Processing, Autism Spectrum and
Feeding Disorders
Private Insurances and some medical assistance accepted. 



c/o Sharon Clougherty

Ronna also contributes to the Rescue Post, nowThe Age of Autism online blog.


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